Save & Preserve your Records & Photos

The Berkswell & District History Group (“B&DHG”) aims to collect and preserve records relating to Berkswell, Balsall Common and the surrounding area for future generations to consult.

If you own records, whether they are your own or your family's photographs, letters, house deeds, diaries etc, or you have inherited the records of a business or organisation, and you would like them to be preserved please e-mail ‘The Archivist’ (click here) or call Peter on 01676 532478 to talk about it.

For the conditions of deposit see the down-loadable Record Information Sheet and you may also require the Record Information Sheet Continuation detail

As with other types of family heirloom, people are often very fond of their records because of the direct link they give you to your past or that of your family. At B&DHG we understand that you might not want to part with your documents just yet, but have you considered what will happen to them when you pass away? Will your executors know what your wishes are in respect of your records?

If you want to ensure that your records are preserved for the future please think about making provision in your Will for the records to be bequeathed to B&DHG. In addition, if you also own existing copyright in any of the records please consider assigning this to B&DHG at the same time. This is because when B&DHG does not own copyright we may experience a range of difficulties in the use and management of the records. Some records may not attract any copyright, or if they do, this right may not have any realisable value.

To bequeath records and copyright in the event of your death you would need to include this wording in any Will instrument with a list of the relevant items.