Group Events


Meetings for 2020 will continue on a bi-monthly basis.

Helen Essex has again put together a programme of talks which we believe will appeal to all interests.


Details of the first two meetings are given below.

For the minutes of the 2019 AGM - click here

The Trustees


Wednesday, 15th January – 2.00 for 2.15pm

                                                                     at VILLAGE HALL

                                                          Station Road

                                                          Balsall Common.

15th Annual General Meeting

Sorry, this meeting is Members Only.

The Programme for 2020 will be presented at this meeting and published in the January Communicator.





Wednesday, 19th February – 2.00 for 2.15pm

                                                                                 at VILLAGE HALL

                                                                                     Station Road

                                                                                     Balsall Common.

”Breaking Enigma at Bletchley Park”

A talk by Frank Carter

 After my retirement some years ago as a college lecturer, I became a volunteer working for the Bletchley Park Trust.  As you may already be aware this is an organisation first set up in the early 1990’s to increase public knowledge of the

remarkable achievements what had taken place in the Park during the war, and to preserve it as a Site of Special Historical Interest

For about 18 years or so, on behalf of the Trust, I was involved in a variety of activities, including some research, giving lectures, and running courses including some for groups of University teachers from the United States. Also on rare occasions working on TV productions for the BBC and another outside agency. 

During this period I had the great privilege of meeting and working with some of the remarkable people from the original Bletchley Park codebreakers, some of whom subsequently became personal friends. 

In my talk I propose to describe the early struggle to read the intercepted Enigma enciphered signals and the subsequent development of a remarkable machine known as the “bombe” that was used to assist with this formidable task.

 Also included an explanation of the major difficulties encountered at Bletchley, in breaking the U-boat messages during the Battle of the Atlantic.

This meeting will be open to Members & Non-Members.

Please Note:

Due to revised availability of the Main Room of the Village Hall the dates for the above meetings are a week later than previous years.