Comments on our  B&DHG Web Site

Blowing our own ‘Trumpet

Not having long had an iPad, and only recently put my address on BDHG email, I am really impressed with the way it is used to our advantage.  Thank you! ....... Chris

Many congratulations - we think the web site is wonderful.  We liked everything about it, its very clear and readable, easy to find your way around, and, being buried in deepest Devon, we particularly like the Berkswell links.
We're delighted to see how well the group is flourishing. ......... Mike and Dee.

Just wanted you to know how well I think you've done with this, I think it looks really good. I'm really impressed! I particularly liked the links to the Secretary, Treasurer etc it makes us look like a group that would be fun to join. Its all easy to move around & really clear. Well done, you've clearly worked hard on it. .......   Gill

Been to the site, looks good, I don't like sites with too much multi colour - its too easy to spend your time messing changing fonts and attributes but it never looks good. Yours is all standard and quick and easy to navigate.    ..........   Kev

I liked the site. I found it easy to navigate and used the links to read about the church and school. Very interesting!  ....... Brian

Great Site  ...... Craig